“The relationship between culture and development should be clarified and deepened in constructive and practical ways.”

The UN World Commission on Culture and Development.

We offer an array of services tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

  • Development, administration, and analysis of cultural climate assessments.
  • Customized data analysis incorporating secondary data points (previous organizational assessments, policy review, etc.,) for triangulation through specified analytic points and methodologies to crystalize and validate data interpretations.
  • Opportunity analysis and needs assessment for DEIA action planning and operationalization.
  • Policy development, internal systems alignment and strategic work plan for DEIA sustainability.
  • SMART Goal-setting, evaluation methodologies, and industry best standards.
  • Customized organizational tools unique to organizational needs: a) training curricula, b) frameworks and rating systems, c) transfer of learning resources.
  • Emerging, executive and board leadership intercultural intelligence coaching, training, and intensive retreat facilitation.
  • Development of language access plans and structures to eliminate or reduce limited English Proficiency (LEP) as a barrier to services and information.
  • Development and tailored eLearning solutions that deliver impactful diversity, equity, and inclusion training to any employee, anywhere, anytime.
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